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9 Sep 2017 | News

An action that I carry out quite commonly, on the one hand in my daily operation, especially at a distance, but mainly because it has become one of Brie’Nov’s trademarks, in particular, as part of the deployment of VendreBrie, an animation the purpose of which is to challenge and provoke exchanges and debates. It allows to mix the face-to-face with the animation remotely, or even deferred.

The technical sheet, below, summarizes the method well:

Name of the action

Conferences or workshops connected


Among the “telepresence” experiments, Infoggara designed, implemented and improved a “connected” conferencing device, connected for the subjects treated, connected for the connected actors, connected because remotely. These workshops and conferences mix material and intangible presentations, between small, large groups and individuals, using very diversified tools and methods of animation.

Need to master the tools, scripting and animation, mixing the face-to-face, on a site or split sites, and remote animation with connected individuals interested in the subject.

We start from the needs expressed by the actors

local authorities, bringing them closer to the expertise and

perspective. In Seine and Marne, we have thus treated the access

medicine, teleworking, distance learning, …


It was within the framework of Brie’Nov and particularly of the Vente’Brie that this device was designed and tested. It is a product design for companies and collectivities

My contribution

  • Benchmark
  • Search for expertise (s) and intervener (s)
  • Identification and validation of the site (s) (including technical expertise)
  • Animation of the different levels (viral invitations, meeting animation, face-to-face and remote …)
  • Synthesis of the event
  • Evaluation of the event
  • Outlook and follow-up.


Brie’Nov (experimental framework), Virt’Green (telecom engineering)




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