The hands in the sludge

9 Sep 2017 | News

It is not easy to advise, especially communities, on their overall development projects. This is even less so when the context is not very supportive and propitious, the scarcity of means long fear becoming reality.

“Advising is my job” … but with an extra soul. Indeed, I have also had the opportunity, through my mandates as deputy mayor and mayor of a small rural village (650 inhabitants) but also president of the water union, to put into practice my convictions and to experiment directly with the management of a community.

The overall development project was the main focus of the exercise of this responsibility. In particular, it enabled the setting up of an Agenda21 (the smallest village in the Ile-de-France region to be labeled), an opportunity for a great deal of consultation with the inhabitants and partners, empowering young people through the creation of a “young municipal council” and beautiful achievements.

These include:

  • Memory in the Pocket: a work combining collective memory, tourism products and the use of digital while working with a writer specializing in children’s literature;
  • The valorisation patrimoniale to discover the village and its history through a tagged route;
  • A land-art festival that lasts and becomes intercommunal defending an approach mixing together, tourist curiosity and a committed artistic approach;
  • The reception of an artistic residence (2 places in Ile de France) to work on issues directly relevant to the community (water, memory, emblematic colors of the territory). This initiative has since become intercommunal.
  • The ability to find the means of projects (response to calls for proposals, agreement with partners such as Orange …). This means nearly € 450,000 over six years, raised to carry out all projects (in particular for the rehabilitation of assets).
  • The management of a water trade union, a diagnosis of the entire network (unique in the department) and the promotion of good management practices for green spaces …

This empathy makes it possible to better understand the needs of the communities but also to propose ways to develop and carry out projects. It confirms the intuition that it is better to be innovative to interest partners to accompany their projects in a win / win relationship.

You have to have, or have had your hands in the sludge to better understand the operation of the engine!

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