The end of Nomade Office…

9 Sep 2017 | News

There are difficult times, which can be experienced as failures, but also as a springboard to better bounce back and prepare a future whose outline, with regard to relations at work, seems inexorable. It is certainly the dominant posture within the collective, to which I adhered, which allowed the adventure of Nomade Office.

The causes of the stoppage of activity are explained on the site of Brie’Nov, I do not return. It seems to me that the approach was, always remains, an innovation process that has not yet found its model. The fragility of many telecenter places that we observe, especially in rural areas, attests this.

Moreover, the desire to decline it in a cooperative form has added an additional dimension (certainly a difficulty) that has highlighted the gap between the postures and the reality of our economic world (in particular the banking sector which does not admit development by sharing, without capitalization). The ambient discourse is to the deployment of a reasoned mobility, an accompaniment of the territories enclaved … certainly. In everyday life, they are only concepts, words, whose meaning is not yet assumed. The communities we met encourage the creation of a telecenter place, they do not assume it for their own needs, nor do they promote it to their inhabitants. They call for better collaboration with local actors but do not always assume them, which remains a handicap to the cooperative model. This also applies to teleactivities and teleservices that could have been further tested in situ – in vivo. The irony of the story is that this project could easily have been saved … but it also illustrates the bottlenecks of French society that are found / deplorable on many levels.

However, in this context, I have consolidated a real expertise in telecenter sites as tools for territorial animation, and developed a network of actors, partners and potential users with whom I am always in contact and interaction. It is based on experimentation, not as a posture, but because I personally invested myself, by conviction, to find the means and develop this project but also to analyze, objectively, its chances of development. This enabled me, in particular, to participate in the construction of departmental and regional networks in order to promote the development of telework in particular, telecentres and teleactivities in general.

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