Territorial Pole of Economic Cooperation

6 Sep 2017 | News

Territorial Pole of Economic Cooperation (PTCE), is a way of organizing, on the scale of a territory (collectivity, department …), to promote projects related to the social and solidarity economy.

Brie’Nov, in collaboration with Nomade Office, responded to the regional call in 2014, a large part of which was entrusted to me and I participated and co-animated the various meetings gathering  partners of the project.  Our work was selected by the Ile de France region, which found it interesting both by its approach to the social and solidarity economy and by the economic model that the collective wishes to test.

Naturally, Brie’Nov has taken the lead in an eclectic and extensive partnership that shares several postulates:

  • Societal, towards a new governance that places the user at the heart of the system
  • the need for genuine participatory democracy at the local level
  • need for cooperation between public, private and citizen sectors (such as PPPP (private partnership, public, population)
    from local needs, users
  • Digital, towards a new social dimension
  • Digital for socialization
  • Digital for insertion
  • Digital for access to the “glocal” world (bringing the global and the local)
  • digital culture
  • Economic, Towards Sustainable Development of the ESS, the market economy and the public
  • importance of proximity, short circuits and organized networks
  • consolidation and development of the residential economy
  • innovative solutions for mobility

It is this dynamism which is the initiative of the cooperative Nomade Office, whose objective is to deploy in a physical and structuring way these new places of realization of the project.

This approach to local development projects a broader vision, promoting the rapprochement between the classical economic world, civil society and the public sector.

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