Territorial Innovation

3 Sep 2017 | News

Territorial innovation is a concept that is already often used (or even overused) to question community management and development practices. The combined pressures of a sluggish economic environment and a society that aspires to more serenity, point today to the functioning of local authorities. There is much room for discussion and debate over the relevance of any other administrative level. What is certain is that models can not remain frozen forever. It must be noted that the small communes (- of 5000 inhabitants) which constitute the bulk of the French communes, must now deal with fewer resources and more constraints. Indeed, we are witnessing the predominance of technique over the political project (is not this the main reproach made to the enarchy wich qualifies the students from the national school of administration?), The comfort of the position of the technician on the status of the elected.

The mayor is a man of orchestra who is increasingly asked to broaden his range of skills to breaking point. By adding the diffuse feeling of a two-tiered society, vocations will become increasingly rare. And this is all the more so as the commitment is increasingly questioned, especially by young people, who do not view it in a linear way, as is customary, but rather as a defined period which should reinforce individual competences .

There is an urgent need to work, to work differently and to overcome traditional divisions, especially between the public and private worlds, in order to find new resources and, beyond that, a new project for French society

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