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4 Sep 2017 | News

The IDEFI-N SONATE (Digital Solidarity and Territorial Attractiveness) project aims to integrate disadvantaged groups into the higher education system through preparations for the Diploma of Access to University Studies (DAEU), based on the use of digital and distance tutoring.

SONATE targets disabled people by their educational background (dropouts), their geographic location, their availability (temporary workers, sportsmen, seasonal workers), social status (social background, job seekers, RSA recipients, future jobs), or their physical or cognitive disabilities. These are mainly young people with integration difficulties and adults with no vocational qualification who wish to return to school and have not obtained the baccalauréat (level V or bac pro level IV).

Specific and individualized coaching, adapted to the target audience, before, during and after the preparation of the DAEU guarantees the selection of motivated learners, the chances of success of the Professional Orientation paths increased compared to the existing systems, and an effective post-DAEU orientation for the re-integration of learners.

This experiment should make it possible to model an approach that is duplicable in other places but also transposable to other curricula. It is really the challenge of this project to bring the university to the landlocked territories!

Selected to participate in the deployment of the project, I work more particularly in the choice of places, in the mobilization of local actors and in all the territorial attractiveness dimension of the project. I am invested in the animation of the places and the stakeholders whose object is to create a real dynamic propitious, indeed, the coming of “university in the countryside”. The pre-modeling of the project will probably be concentrated on the Seine and Marne.

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