Stéphane Torrent

Born in Seine et Marne, and stems from a family of entrepreneurs, Stéphane is an agitator of ideas, curious, always ready to listen and encourage innovation in all its forms.

Scientific and commercial training, the field and the life of the small business quickly constituted his daily life. He has led the Seine et Marne inspections for AG2R LA MONDIALE (big insurance company), for several years. Its team now consists of 17 employees and covers the entire department. This is one of the most dynamic inspections in France.

“I asked Didier Galet, while he was co-manager of Infoggara, to be helped in the definition, dimensioning and development of my project Un Instant to Entreprendre (IPE 77) whose object is, at the same time, to bring the expertise of large groups closer to the needs of small businesses (the logic of Corporate Social Responsibility), to create animation to enable small businesses in the department to meet regularly and collaborate (coworking) and to create moments of collective reflection on an important topic both for the company’s current affairs and for the welfare of the entrepreneur.

IPE 77 was a real demonstrator that the group has since appropriated to extend it to other inspections. Didier Galet brought me his expertise, his qualities of animation and innovation in a constructive and long-term relationship. We exchange on a regular basis and my group has recently been interested in its expertise on teleworking and new forms of organization. A case to follow …”

Stéphane TORRENT

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