Samuel Coquin

Samuel Coquin is the director of the tourist office of Ferté Gaucher, he has been the IT project manager for the national hiking federation.

It coordinates locally the national project on territorial design “La Brie, a holiday destination for seniors”, the European project FEADER on the use of digital for the purposes of heritage enhancement and the project of the Foundation of France, “the Garden of Knowledge “, which uses digital technology to collect memory and transmit knowledge.

“Didier Galet, as part of his action via Infoggara, accompanied the tourist office of Ferté Gaucher before my arrival. Their expertise, which I would call immersive, has enabled the diagnosis of the potential of the territory, recommendations, mainly on the organization of operators tourism and leisure of the territory, and the development and search for ways for this project. It enabled the creation of the “Tourism and Terroir des Deux Morins” network and the obtaining of regional funding PDEL (Local Economic Development Program). I had the opportunity to collaborate with him on the reinforcement of this network, renowned since Tourism in Brie and to work on two innovative operations, the project “Hospitality in Brie” following the success of our response to a call for national project initiated by the Ministry of Industry (see fiche) and “Jardin des savoirs”, a project proposed and accepted by the Foundations of France and Isica (AG2R la Mondiale).

I was able to appreciate his skills and his professionalism. Moreover, Didier Galet accompanied me on the feasibility of a GPECT sector (Territorial Employment and Territorial Management) financed by the Direccte Seine et Marne. The tourist office of the Ferté Gaucher has a recognized engineering which makes it an important actor of the tourist development in Seine and Marne.

We are in regular contact.

Samuel Coquin

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