Joël Teinturier

“I had the opportunity to collaborate with Didier Galet on numerous occasions:

As chairman of the restaurant industry in the GPIH 77, the professional trade union, I was able to appreciate the technician he was, who allowed us to see the researches of financing, with the local communities. Thanks to his professional experience in hotels and restaurants, he has energized our network of professionals with a powerful and structured discourse, based on an indisputable experience.
As president of the tourism committee of the Chamber of Commerce of Seine et Marne, I once again had the chance to collaborate with Didier Galet, in a qualitative approach and putting into production the hoteliers of the department. On the other hand, a work of valorization of the local products, with the restraurant industry, was initiated by Didier Galet, in partnership with our Departmental Committee of Tourism and the Chamber of Agriculture.
Finally, it was under my presidency of the tourist office of Ferte Gaucher that we jointly carried out our joint action in the most significant way. Thus, in the territory of three counties, we have set up a networking of actors in a sufficiently dynamic way to obtain unexpected regional funding. This allowed us to structure a coherent commercial offer, which enabled local elected representatives to discover the tourism potential of their territory. This momentum led to a professionalization of the operators thanks to training programs promoted by the CCi and a support in terms of promotion of our products by the departmental committee of tourism, but also by the regional committee, while this territory was well away from their previous publications. Finally, the dynamism of Didier Galet, constantly looking for new financing, has helped the “Tourism and Land of Two Morins” network to respond appropriately to a call for a national project “Seniors, a growing market for businesses “in support of the Regional Economic Development Local Program, to conduct an experiment in one of the very first territorial design actions. Today, “Tourisme et Terroir des Deux Morin” grew from 3 to 5 counties and became “Tourism in Brie”, supported by european Feader funds, then Leader funds  and foreshadowed the next Regional natural park of the 2 Morins.


Thus, the elected official I am, thanks to the impetus inspired by Didier Galet’s support, was able to initiate a true tourism dynamic on a territory that doubted its potential at the beginning and which today uses this showcase to demonstrate the territorial coherence of its future Regional Natural Park

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