Cédric Szabo

Cédric Szabo is the director of the Association des Maires Ruraux de France. As a geographer by training, he is attentive to all the experiments and innovations that can serve rurality, notably through the deployment of very high-speed broadband for the purposes of opening-up and development. We met through Brie’Nov. He was able to appreciate my expertise in local development and had the opportunity to collaborate with him on a mission on rural mobility.

“Didier Galet brings a real expertise in local development reinforced by his ability to innovate.” Bernard and Didier are at the origin of Brie ‘Nov with which my association collaborates, especially for a reflection on mobility in rural areas. Didier Galet held two elected offices, one of which was a mayor and was responsible for the organization of the Association of Rural Mayors of Seine and Marne, along with Jacques Drouhin, and I share with him that very high-speed broadband will fundamentally change the relationship to the territory and that this is a real opportunity for rurality. Didier Galet brings us his European expertise and helps us think about the concept of “rural rural village”.

Didier Galet, directly and through Brie’Nov, accompanies my association in these reflections.

Cédric Szabo“.

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