Bernard Corbineau

With Bernard, it’s a long collaboration of almost 10 years that flourished within Infoggara, our joint company. Difficult to summarize so much exchanges, actions, interactions …. Let Bernard express it in a few lines:

“I have had the great, and sometimes difficult, pleasure of discovering Didier’s multiple hidden talents, rare intellectual rigor, intelligent local approach that combines pragmatism and deep convictions, humor that can distill both hot and cold. Didier also has the ability to doubt, which is not a handicap to its professionnal skills. Finally, and it is a quality that gets lost, he writes very well, eventhough he tends to sprinkle his texts with too many exclamation points !! .. “.

Bernard legitimately took his rights to a well-deserved retirement. Only Infoggara’s project was meaningless to me, so it was by mutual agreement that we decided to close down our company.

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