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2 Oct 2018 | News

The NOTRe law, reinforced by the perspectives developed by the CAP 2022 report, revolutionises the organization of territories. It proposes a new hierarchy of skills that strengthens the expected role of intercommunalities. It is needed at a time when the questions of endowments and means of operation arise with all the more acuteness that we feel that the reforms are not completed and that, by sections, many projects are ongoing (urban planning, social, health, education …).
Issues of size, legitimacy, means, all communities are not equal before the workload they assume / must assume, both in terms of daily functioning and that of foresight and the necessary definition of a territory strategy.
It is therefore necessary to rely on human resources, both external and those known or to be revealed on the territory. These are not always feasible because, on the one hand, the new communities are not yet organized to embrace all the skills they have inherited and, on the other hand, they are not yet able to identify, especially in terms of methods and means, the resources they could mobilize.
External human resources are generally offered by consulting firms, specialists or general practitioners, who can intervene at specific times of the territorial project. GD Conseil is part of this dynamic but stands out by offering tailor-made, hand-crafted support, ideally for the long term, while relying on a network of proven and mobilizable expertise (sustainable development, tourism, health , employment and insertion, digital uses, architecture, organic farming, short circuits, design, communication …).
By positioning myself as Project Management Assistant, I can thus support elected representatives and technicians in order to help them develop a strategy, find the means to achieve it and describe the different actions that will be decided and prioritized.
I have the confidence of sponsors such as the Association of Rural Mayors of France, the actors of the “Paris ville résiliente” project, Europe, those of the Natural park project of Brie des Morins, the agency Seine et Marne Development, Tourism77 and many more. My expertise has also been field tested, as rural mayor (2001 – 2014), strengthening my credibility on local development issues. I also know how to take the necessary step by taking part in the work of Brie’Nov, the first rural living lab in the Ile de France region, the Champs des Possibles, the first CAE Ile Ile de France specializing in the accompaniment of organic farming and Relais d’Entreprises, 1st national network of telecenters places rural and peri-urban. I also regularly teach at the CNFPT about development and employment strategies.

So, why not deserve yours?

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