Relais Italy

8 Sep 2017 | News

In Infoggara, I have accompanied this collaborative work which allowed the project to be the winner of the call for projects “Reinventing Paris”. My contribution, beyond the concept of Relais and all that it contains, fed the project on the dimension of uses, place and relationship to digital, the relationship between the different operators, the interaction of the place with its territory. A beautiful achievement, in any case, that confirms my expertise. The details are in the data sheet, hereafter:

Name of the action

Relais Italy

(Paris13e district)


As part of the project “Reinventing Paris”, a consortium was formed around an architectural firm, Pablo Katz, a specialist in real estate engineering, the Art of building and a development / financer , the RIVP. The idea was to start from these different riches and skills to define and propose a relevant and viable project


the City of Paris

My contribution

  • Feasibility Diagnosis

    Study and recommendations


    participation in the defense of the different juries


The consortium, les partenaires de Brie’Nov and Nomade Office partners


This success validates and valorizes an interesting collaborative work mixing skills that are diverse and complementary. It offers a real showcase for all those participating in the project and also to work, within the network, between the metropolis and the infra territories. It is a place that will also allow the experimentation of new practices.



Cathy Veil – Pablo Katz

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