Relais d’Entreprises, un développement soutenu!

20 Dec 2019 | News

2019 has enabled Relais d’Entreprises to develop a sustained activity and meet the challenge of federating 100 locations in France at the end of the year. This activism is carried by several converging elements. On the one hand, the Relais d’Entreprises brand is recognized and its postures and convictions echoed. Participation in the coworking mission, appeals by major operators in the hotel and property development sector, support from EDF in an innovative collaboration on the production of Energy Saving Certificates, etc., the economic model and its prospects are confirmed. In addition, French society is changing, particularly in its relationship to work. The recent strike news underscores the extent to which companies are weakened as soon as they can no longer count on their human resources and the State notes, likewise, its inability to stem the blockages of transport and traffic jams repeatedly. Finally, rurality is taken care of and through the 200 proposals formulated by the Association of Rural Mayors of France, the telecenter model becomes, at the same time, a new promotion tool and territorial attractiveness and an alternative to revitalize the local economy.

In addition, the model chosen to develop, based on a network of ambassadors / experts, also confirms the need to rely on expertise to avoid developing solutions and projects that are poorly suited to the realities of users and territories. Particularly, in Ile de France, Relais d’Entreprises is an interlocutor whose recognized expertise is called upon for general prospective reflections, as for the “Paris ville Résiliente” approach, the diversification of hotel activities (through Union of Trades of the Hotel Industry), the Rural Parliament of the National Association New Ruralities, the Factory of territory with Brie’Nov…. But also in a very practical and direct way, for the accompaniment of many communities (Pays de Limours, Community of Agglomeration of Val d’Yerres Val de Seine and the employment basin, CC of Provinois and the Employment basin… ) and indirect for the Greater Paris Seine and Oise Urban Community and the community of municipalities of Brie des Morins. The network of affiliate members is growing with an increasingly visible offer.

The year 2020 promises, despite the municipal elections, under the best auspices to consolidate this development. I remain your contact in Ile de France, do not hesitate to ask me!

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