Public opportunities, do you need to be a specialist?

9 Sep 2017 | News

Did you also find that, on the services of the board in particular, it is rare to find precise and clear specifications that can be easily answered without too many questions about the sponsor’s intentions? To tell the truth, if the case presented itself, there would immediately be serious doubts about the veracity of a market that would be considered pre-attributed to the firm that would have accompanied the drafting of the specifications.

Small businesses realize every day how difficult it is to access public contracts that they could legitimately claim. A reply already requires an investment of time on the technical and administrative aspects, sometimes even for markets around 20 k €, the request for an oral defense in order to better support the opinion of the sponsor. On a 20k € market, if you take two working days (estimated at 1000 to 1200 €) + costs related to travel and defense (between 250 and 400 €), it is almost 2000 € 10%). We are only modest artisans!

Only large cabinets can be positioned everywhere, producing standardized answers in large numbers. It takes ten responses to hope for a positive return, and this, in the best case. It is not surprising to hear that some studies do not bring the expected satisfaction, as the answers have not lived up to expectations. How could it be otherwise? A standardized response, standardized action without taking too much the dimension of the territory and its specificities. It will not surprise you that I rather promote actions in the long term, asking to take the time to define expectations and to accompany in the long term.

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