Various projects

I participated in several other projects. I propose to extract two, more significant, Reinventer Paris and Périphéria.

Reinventing Paris allowed me to participate in a consortium in which I was involved on behalf of Nomade Office. By bringing the dimension of Relais hospitalier, we have built the telecenter places of the project. Relais Italie is the name of this project.

Peripheria is a multi-partner European project (University of Milan, Grazia Concilio, Malmö Living Labs, Per Linde, Per-Anders Hilgren, Town of La Ferté-sous-Jouarre, UPOR, Brie’Nov. transfer and / or exchange between the inhabitants of two cities, Malmö and La Ferté sous Jouarre).
This project was in line with the prospect of enhancing the value of individuals in precarious social situations by creating and
the exchange of know-how in sewing. This made it possible to connect, from a distance, women of Maghreb origin, in France, with some of Afghan origin in Sweden but also to consolidate a network of local actors involved, in particular, in digital uses.

As part of my various activities, I also participated in the setting up and implementation of several social european programs.

Years of production : 2011, 2012 and 2015
Localisation : Europe
Keywords : Europe, innovation, face-to-face, virtual, education for all, distance education

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