The house of employment of Sénart

I was fortunate to take part in the feasibility and the creation of the Maison de l’emploi in Sénart new town, which I ran, one of the first five employment houses approved under the national plan. Innovative in several aspects (governance, productions and experiments) I have invested in its various dimensions such as creation, animation, direction and strategic accompaniment. I facilitated the creations of the Seine et Marne creativity prizes, the job and employment forum, and the development of innovative actions, such as EDEC Logistique, the realization of a Forecast Management of Jobs and Skills (GPEC) in companies (collective action) and a territorial GPEC (forecasting jobs and skills). Subsequently, I accompanied its development as a consultant and allowed her to be labeled Living Lab for the Mobi 360 ° project and validate the creation of an human ressources club to work on good recruitment and training practices at the scale of a territory. The approach advocated was to consider the employment and training house as a tool for territorial strategic development by preparing, upstream of the installation, quantification and the response to the needs expressed.

Years of production : 2003 to 2008
Localisation : Sénart new town
Website : MDEF Sénart
Keywords : employment, integration, local development, business creation, social dialogue

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