Territorial Social Dialogue

As part of my mission to the Sénart employment association and training center, I was able to experiment with the territorial social dialogue by creating DSVS (Dialogue Sénart Val de Seine) and, in the development phase, Dialoguez Sereinement avec Vos Salariés). In collaboration with the Regional employment agency, most of the employers ‘and employees’ unions, with a club of entrepreneurs (Club des Entreprises Sud Francilienne) I experienced the deployment of an innovative approach, promoting the pooling of services and the development of social benefits, in order to work on wage-based loyalty on a territorial scale for the benefit of small businesses and their employees. These diagnosis, feasibility and realization of the first structure of social dialogue territorial Ile de France, allowed me to develop unique skills and work on social innovation.

years of production : from 2010 to 2011
Localisation : Ile de France area
Website : DSVS
Keywords : social dialogue, salary loyalty, training, Validation of Acquired Experience, mutual insurance, tickets restaurants

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