Sonate project

In the contexte or a Call for national projects under the AIP (National Investment Program), managed by the National Research Agency (the Future Financing Program), Sonate is a proposal bringing together a dozen universities and private partners including Brie’Nov, led by UNIT (project manager). It proposes to popularize access to the DAEU at a distance (Diploma of Access to University Studies) by organizing places of proximity in order to encourage the emergence of an accompaniment mixing distance education and local coaching (between students and a local tutor). I thus accompanied the diagnosis of the project, worked on identifying and networking places of reception (collaboration with local authorities, telecenters, places of integration, the public employment service, Sonate is a true answer to the opening up of the country, which prefigures the rapprochement of the university curriculum with the closest of the inhabitants, especially in the countryside, by proposing alternative solutions that do not deliver the student to himself without alternatives.

years of production : Since 2016 and work in progress
Localisation : Ile de France county
Website : Sonate
Keywords : distance learning, telecenters, collaborative, coaching, innovation

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