Evous project

I developed for seven years a local social network, Seine and Marne Evous whose object was plural. It enabled both to promote local communities, to create local social networks and to acculturate and give simple and effective tools to content producers interested in developing information about their territories and activities. With nearly 2 million visitors a year, the approach has proved to be of interest for the promotion of local information. It has, however, suffered from the competition of big operators like Facebook, Twitter … Very far ahead of its time, especially in its various variations (from the micro community to the national dimension via thematic developments), this experience has allowed to test new dimensions of local promotions and implications of local actors.

I contributed to the creation of several jobs and to equip several local actors. A professional declination has been tested, Company 77.evous which has known, in particular, aroused the interest of a large account like AG2R La Mondiale, which used it to animate its network member.

Année(s) de réalisation : 2006 à 2014
Localisation : Seine et Marne county
Websites : several which are now federated under the generic site Evous
Keywords : local social network, promotion, attractiveness, animation, information

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