Design Ambassador

A Living Lab is an open innovation lab. The user is placed at the center of the device in order to imagine, develop and create innovative services or tools that meet the expectations and needs of everyone. The Living Labs therefore participate in the arrival of a new innovation system where people are no longer mere users but become actors and collaborators. Brie’Nov is an illustration of which I am the co-founder. Living Lab certification is granted by the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) after the European Commission has examined the applications. Launched in November 2006 at the initiative of the European Community, the ENoLL network is based on new modes of collaboration. In 2015, it launched an experiment on project design for which I was designated national representative for Brie’Nov.

My mission consisted in the observation of the national experiments, the communication and the exchange with the other participating countries and members.

Years of production : 2015 à 2017
Localisation : Europe
Website : Design Ambassador
Keywords : Europe, design, collaboration, European projects, experimentation

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