Brie’Nov project

2012 is an important year of my professional life. It was marked by the creation of Brie’Nov, the 1st living lab rural in the Ile de France region promoting digital uses for local development, opening-up and resociabilisation (Enoll label). On the conviction that the deployment of very high-speed broadband, its generalization, will completely change the situation of the rural world, Brie’Nov develops several large projects, requiring skills in project management and collaborative management. I am one of the founding members and I have chaired it from 2015 to 2017. I bring my expertise in local development and project management, which allowed me to intervene in many projects. Brie’Nov has developed a network of important partners and operates in a “glocal” world, a combination of proximity and the global world, and is involved in various European projects.

Years of production : since 2012
Localisation : world
Website : Brie’Nov
Keywords : digital, experimentation, innovation, usages, local development

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