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3 Sep 2018 | News

Open Living Lab Days (OLLD) is the annual gathering of the global living lab community. A space for public, officials, companies, entrepreneurs, academics and innovators to connect and work together. The deeply interconnected 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all the people enjoy peace and prosperity. By their nature as spaces of inclusive co-creation in real life settings, Living labs have great potential as drivers of change. OLLD 2018 takes on this challenge to bring the broader living lab and innovation community closer to practical needs in the path to fulfil the SDGs objectives.

The framework was set and the representatives of the global living labs who met for the occasion in Geneva were eager to present their actions, to find interactions with the projects and the actors present and to co-create on the important subjects carried by the community.

I spoke as vice-president of Brie’Nov, which I co-created in 2011, as part of the workshop addressing the place of living labs in regional development. An important subject that refers to the ability of communities to capitalize on innovation, especially local, that is to say, not necessarily on their own initiative, to meet the challenges identified by the inhabitants of their territory. By presenting Brie’Nov’s projects and ongoing projects, I have seen the variety and richness of the other projects presented. It seems that the acceptance of the approach living lab is variable from one country to another but it is still poorly known in France.

Nevertheless, their impact can be decisive in the development of a community, if only through their ability to co-create. Yet, nationally, living labs suffer cruelly from a lack of organization that could otherwise enable them to better exist and defend their project. A particularly adapted statement in France ….

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