Mobility and rurality

8 Sep 2017 | News

Mobility and rurality, mobility in rural areas, mobility of people, services and objects … the spectrum is wide, in keeping with the expectations expressed by rural mayors that the deployment of very high-speed service as vital as water, telephone, electricity …

The Association of Rural Mayors of France (AMRF) has asked Brie’Nov on this subject, of which they are members to help them think and reveal adapted solutions. Brie’Nov offered me this accompanying mission which I hereby share as a technical sheet.

Name of action

Mobility in rural aeras


The use of digital technology, encouraged by the deployment of very high-speed broadband, must make it possible to provide alternatives to the isolation and impoverishment of certain territories. The APRF launches work of concertation in order to experiment with new practices



My contribution

  • benchmark of innovative experiments

    survey of needs and interesting experiences


    final report and recommendations


Brie’Nov, Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, CEREMA


This mission allows the AMRF to be also a force of proposal on the subjects that concern the rurality. School, mobility, accessibility, especially services in enclosed areas, are all numerical variations that it is experiencing today



Cédric Szabo

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