Leading an innovative tool for local development

29 Jun 2019 | News

I take over the presidency of Brie’Nov since the AG held on June 15. A second mandate, of two years, to continue and amplify the work done.

Brie’Nov is a laboratory, literally, that involves people and structures in experiments, some of which, starting from intuitions with weak echo, become real subjects of society.

Mainly, our field of investigation relates to the rural territories, those which are considered as enclaved, forgotten, of which one is not interested … This can surprise, but we think that they carry potentialities and promises. We are especially convinced that the deployment of digital broad band will multiply the need to master digital uses, the need for services and open the possibilities and change the game for rurality.

Accessibility and practice will be a major challenge for this development. But on the face of it there must be an offer today. On teleworking, training, health, the government has made significant recent announcements. The yellow vests are there ….

However, the mobilization of rural elected representatives remains strong, they prove it through Ruralisons and the creation of the Parliament of Rurality which will be put in place at the beginning of July. They are not fooled and feel the fracture with a government that remains resolutely urban in its postures and considerations. There is a real shift.

Brie’Nov remains attentive and committed. We are, certainly, better considered and our actions are well observed. Sonate prefigures Connected Campus, The Relays of the Possibles and Nomad Office participate in the attention of the State on the territorial factories, Diabetes 2.0 invites to weight the balance between the tools and the human mediation …

In 2012, we did not think that the adventure would take us so far and that it would put Brie’Nov at the heart of this disruption of the networked society.

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