Industrial Demonstrator

4 Sep 2017 | News

En présence de mesdames les ministres Royale et Cosse

En présence de mesdames les ministres Royale et Cosse

The industrial demonstrator for the sustainable city project, named Relais des Possibles, proposed by Brie’Nov in support of the SNCF, the industrial partner of the Pays de Fontainebleau, the bearer, and Arene, technical support, was distinguished at the official presentation meeting of the 16 winning projects at the Ministry of the Environment. In the presence of the ministers, Mrs Royale and Mrs Cosse, everyone was able to express in 3 minutes time the main part of the project and present the consortium. Mr. Joubert, Vice-President of the Pays de Fontainebleau, accompanied by Mr. Bourget (General Secretariat of the SNCF), Mr. Vincent (Project Manager at the Arene) and Didier Galet (President of Brie ‘ Nov) while Cathy Veil, director of Nomade Office, lent herself to the thankless but necessary task of taking the photos.

The expertise I have brought to this project, in partnership with Thierry Vincent, project manager at the Arena, has been the driving force behind this project, which takes into account the challenges and specificities of local development. In the long term, it will be necessary to work on modeling in support of a potential duplication on the periurban stations of the SNCF network, while taking into account and incorporating the local specificities. We now have 5 years to transform the test. It reinforces all the investment on local development, particularly in connection with the Relais des Possibles experiment carried out by Brie’Nov.



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