Didier Galet accompanies the development of territories and their actors since 1999. His approach combines anticipation, advice and action, a way to go beyond the classical postures and to demonstrate a real empathy with the project territories.

Economic sectors

Starting from an intuition, a political command or accompanying the will of local operators

Local development

Development work consists of the creation of tools and the implementation of human dynamics


An important condition for local development is the networking of actors


Innovation is not only technological, it often passes through usages and is accessible to any one of us


Samuel Coquin

Business developer in charge of the Natural Regional Park Brie des Morins


Stéphane Torrent

Head of insurance agency

Joel Teinturier

Tourism and hotel specialist

From the idea to their realization,
I help you to develop your projects


A General Assembly of rural mayors of Seine et Marne with a singular taste!

On December 3, in the evening, a few hours before a black Thursday announced, I had the pleasure of animating the 11th Assembly of Rural Mayors of Seine et Marne. The main theme of this evening was health, a recurring but important theme for this...

Leading an innovative tool for local development

I take over the presidency of Brie'Nov since the AG held on June 15. A second mandate, of two years, to continue and amplify the work done. Brie'Nov is a laboratory, literally, that involves people and structures in experiments, some of which, starting...

expert in social innovation

Chargé de l'animation de l'Assemblée Générale de 2016, l'Association des Maires Ruraux de Seine et Marne me renouvelle sa confiance pour assurer l'animation de la prochaine édition, le 5 décembre 2017. Comme précédemment, au-delà du formalisme...

A general assembly charged with emotions

I led the 9th General Assembly of the Association of Rural Mayors of Seine et Marne. This event had a special character for several reasons. Indeed, it was the last of the president in title, founder of the association and who withdraws before the end of...

territorial factory

    At the end of November, I had the chance to attend two complementary meetings, in Occitanie, which shed new light on the challenges of local development, in connection with the deployment of telecentres. The first concerned the meeting of ambassadors,...

Service offer

The NOTRe law, reinforced by the perspectives developed by the CAP 2022 report, revolutionises the organization of territories. It proposes a new hierarchy of skills that strengthens the expected role of intercommunalities. It is needed at a time when the...

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