Garden of Knowledge

9 Sep 2017 | News

This project was carried out to meet the needs of new products and means to realize them while capitalizing on a rural tourist offer, exotic and suitable for immersive courses. My expertise, as part of the support of the tourism office of the Ferté Gaucher, has successfully responded to the call for projects initiated by the Fondation AG2R la Mondiale within the framework of the Fondation de France. The aim was to meet their expectations for more prevention, awareness-raising and participation, especially for the elderly.

It is presented in the technical data sheet below:

Name of the action

Garden of knowledges


Collective answer, in association with the tourist office of Ferté Gaucher, within the framework of a call for proposals from the Fondation de France “To commit to the well-being and well-aging of seniors, active and retired, in companies and the society “. The project is a continuation of the Hospitalité en Brie project. The aim is to rely on a new vision of seniors associated with a key role of transmitter of knowledge and meaning between generations and territories of life.


Fondation de France on behalf of the ISICA and AG2R Foundations

My contribution

  • Initial diagnosis
  • Stakeholder collaboration
  • Definition of the action plan
  • Accompaniment achievements
  • Animation
  • Evaluation


Tourism network in Brie, AG2R la Mondiale, Tourism office of the Ferté Gaucher, local associations, CAUE, the ecomuseum of Savigny le Temple


Work on employment, transmission, intergenerational posture of seniors on a project territory with the ambition to create tourism and leisure products adapted.



Joël Teinturier – président du réseau

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