Françoise Herbreteau, project leader

Françoise is a committed and demanding person. She was a respected leader and was able to pass on the relay when she changed her career.
“With Didier Galet, we have built and developed together Sénart Développement, one of the very first structures to obtain the National  label” Maison de l’emploi “! In the same year we obtained European funding for EQUAL as a major lifelong learning project.
A great adventure shared with enthusiasm and mutual confidence. Undoubtedly my most beautiful professional memory.
Didier, with his expertise to imagine, develop projects and partnerships has thus built the entire economic development part of Sénart Développement.
I wish him every success in this new project in which he will be able to put at the disposal all his experience, his creativity and his humanity ”
Reciprocal admiration!

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