Feed Paris, a real virtuous project?

2 Nov 2017 | News

The Association for Reflection on the creation of the Bocage Gâtinais Regional Nature Park (ARBG) has brought together elected officials from the Seine and Marne, Loiret and Yonne regions with a view to creating a regional natural park at the crossroads from 3 regions. The administrative boundaries were broadened, inviting new forms of collaboration. Thus, the challenge was daunting but the law Nôtre went through that rebates the cards of the local accompaniment.

The Park project is moving away but not the will of elected officials who have decided to keep the planning association for the purpose of carrying reflections and projects for local development. A way to create dynamics closer to the rural territories. Their next general assembly will be an opportunity to discuss these fundamental issues, the same ones that seem far away today from the agenda of  regions that are more preoccupied by their reorganization and less by their competencies, such as the economy and tourism. Thus, the posture of Paris, a resilient city, which we have already had the opportunity to comment on, proposes new possibilities that will need to be transformed.

I will intervene on this occasion, on November 29, in partnership with Thierry Vincent, of CoopCité, in a tandem bringing the metropolis closer to rurality.

Program : Intervention ARBG

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