Engineering of use: design, method and creativity

9 Sep 2017 | News

From synthetic diagnosis to complete strategic support, through studies and actions focused on development issues, I propose a distinctive approach based on the co-construction of adapted responses and on the involvement of the actors in the territory.

The user always holds a central place in the devices I advocate. I encourage, through my method, the empowerment of the project to go beyond the board.

Faced with the difficulty of territories to find resources, my support takes the financial dimension into account and I help my clients to find the appropriate financing, public (region, state, Europe), private (foundations, business angels, big companies) and cooperative (crowdfunding). I promote the rapprochement between the public and the private sector, but also between all the players in a territory, whatever their status.

In the field of European engineering I intervene both in the sources of funding (European Funds and research projects) and in the search for partners.


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