After an experience in the international luxury hotel industry, where I held several operational positions with responsibility, I decided to convert myself and to pass a literary baccalaureate, in the course of the evening, at 28 years, then to succeed Sciences Po Paris of which I am a graduate in institutional communication.

A concrete approach to lifelong learning ….

My motivation, capitalizing on my professional experience was to go further and interest me in the development of local communities. The passion of the territory already, maintained by grandparents farmers and the injustice of having to leave its rural countryside, when in the age of making decisions for its future, it is advisable to leave, often towards the city, to … . “Succeed”.

Already the intuition of the residential economy and the plurality of entrepreneurship …

Since then, I have been doing my everyday work, learning about the global development of territories, innovation, rurality and its relationship with the city, successive reforms, the Notre Act and its consequences. Working with a professional union, with the consular officials, and then in the service of a new town, I quickly took my liberty to associate myself with Bernard Corbineau, in Infoggara, a consulting firm. The combination of our complementary skills has been very rich and has allowed us to develop beautiful projects and to distinguish ourselves several times, carrying innovative actions, creating tools for local development, participating in projects European. Our added value, our difference, was very early to understand that digital uses would play an important role in local development, in the service of projects aimed at increasing accessibility and reducing inequalities, whatever they may be.

Our animation methodology, which I continue to apply, is based on local needs and mobilizes users. We promote collaboration and co-operation, in order to initiate these dynamics necessary for the sustainability of actions. We are, as it were, artisans, accompanying more closely to produce tailor-made answers. We take the time to fully understand the project territory and its inhabitants with, above all, the conviction that resources, human and material, are present everywhere, our role often consisting in revealing them. You will find a large part of these achievements in the portfolio specifying my different skills.

Skills for local development …

Bernard has just retired, I do not want to continue alone and I prefer to regain that collective spirit conducive to exchanges and transmitting experiences. That’s why I continue differently. So, after closing Infoggara, I joined the collective “Les Champs des Possibles”. This cooperative of collective interest carries values ​​very close to mine and promotes the development of territories by agricultural activity. I will always carry out my consulting activities while also working on its development. I will also call, if need be, complementary skills that I know and with which I usually work.

The conviction that the collaborative is a strong lever of development …

I will therefore continue to carry my convictions, propose my skills, focusing more on residential economy projects and local ecosystems while remaining active on the issues and potentialities of innovation of uses.

This site takes up my main achievements, identifies my skills and proposes, regularly, reflections, interactions, reactions in connection with local development.

From diagnosis to realization, tailor-made accompaniment!

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