Development of the Internet community Evous in Seine et Marne

8 Sep 2017 | News

I participated in the consolidation of the Evous network Internet model, by working an developping as close to the territories and their actions, local communication. This approach has made it possible to enhance several communities, strengthen the development of companies (IPE77, Business Evous …) and participate in the promotion of the collective Evous (2 million unique visitors per month). This work allowed to experiment an approach mixing social network and proximity. Specifications below:

Name of the action

Development of the Internet community Evous in Seine et Marne


At the time of the development of the visibility of companies and territories on the Internet (2005), Evous wished to experiment a local (community, department) and thematic variation (for companies) in the Seine and Marne region.

The originality of the project resided mainly in the syndication of contents and sites in order to create a real Internet community and in the mobilization of local contributors. This principle has since been taken up by several organizations (including the department of Seine et Marne).



My contribution

  • Analysis and selection of experimental communities

    Development of an economic theme

    Search and animation of contributors

    Production of contents

    Specific Development (see Fact Sheet An Instant for Entrepreneurship)




Local authorities, business networks, actors in cultural activities and leisure activities


The Seine and Marnais network weighs 1.2 million unique visitors per year and has created 3 jobs. Each week, several newsletters are produced for nearly 10,000 subscribers.



Christian Frank –  Evous Chairman

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