Commitments and beliefs

8 Sep 2017 | News

Through Infoggara’s involvement and conviction, I have been deeply involved in the development and animation of Brie’Nov and Nomade Office in recent years. Indeed, I am convinced that the development of territories can be conceived differently and that the initiative can also emerge from civil society, in particular by creating the conditions for dialogue and by involving its actors, who might not necessarily be which have a real wealth. I am also convinced that experimentation must be tempted, appreciated and evaluated.

This method characterizes the “Living Lab” spirit that I have been observing for several years and whose development in Europe is exponential. It is full of interesting initiatives, not always transposable as such, but which can nurture local initiatives. It puts the user at the center of the projects.

It is based on the conviction that the deployment of high-speed broadband should encourage usage, even and especially new uses. It must enable the overall development, both individual and collective, of opening up access to services, health, and resociabilisation, especially by promoting collaboration. It is in this context that we have convinced the Association of Rural Mayors of France to join us and participate in our work.

This method allowed Brie’Nov, and therefore me (through Infoggara those last few years), who was heavily involved in all phases of construction, to be both heard and retained within the framework of the call for expressions of interest ” industrial demonstrator for the sustainable city “. It has also allowed, as part of a consortium that was formed for the occasion, to be also laureate of the call for project “Reinventer Paris” by proposing Relais Italy to transform the conservatory of the 13th.

These recent successes also highlight the value of collaborative work that, by allowing different skills and sensibilities to express itself, to generate real added value.

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