Cap(able) or not Capable) ? conclusion of a mission

CAP(able) or not CAP(able)?

My support mission in Algeria, carried out on behalf of SOFRECO, was completed on April 16th. I accompanied for 60 days a multi-faceted team composed by different representatives of the main Algerian institutions accompanying the insertion and the return to employment (Ansej, Angem, Anem, CNAS …). The CAP Jeunesse project is an entirely innovative experience within the Algerian-European PAJE program.

It consisted in the operational establishment of this team, the activation of a tool called platform in order to work in collaborative mode in within an ecosystem to build and animate. It took place in Bechar, in southwestern Algeria, near the Moroccan border, a Saharan territory with rural characteristics.

The stakes were high all the more as this country still suffers, like many others besides, from an organization at the same time segmented and structured in a too pyramidal way, which prevents the agility and the spirit of ‘innovation.

My intervention allowed to homogenize the practices and to develop a team spirit, to enrich the skills of the federated team but also of the local partners, to validate a speech with the young public promoting the responsibility of the course and to put in place an original and lasting support.

The method encouraged was the “faire – faire” that allowed the team to appropriate their own tools and to gain confidence in their strength and purpose.

The experimentation, still in progress, will make it possible to decide on the swarming of the device on the 44 other wilayas.

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