Bouziane Seddiki

Bouziane Seddiki is the coordinator of the CAP Jeunesse platform, which participates in the experimentation of the PAJE device. He was my direct interlocutor but also my guide in the local society.

“At the beginning of the adventure PAJE, it was for us, an opportunity to work with Didier Galet as expert accompanist in the framework of deployment of CAP youth platform in our wilaya Béchar, Algeria “.

Didier, from the beginning of his coaching, has deployed efficient and innovative working methods that were, personally, very useful, especially in the management of the team that was still fragile in the face of such an ambitious project like Youth CAP.

Over time, for me, Didier became more than an accompanist. He managed to reconcile the strength to correct and the softness of proposing solutions while giving me the opportunity to apply them alone with of course the support of the whole team. A very professional job that greatly facilitated difficult coordination tasks within the platform.

Didier, accompanied us very closely to develop projects and partnerships. It helped to build good working relationships with ecosystem stakeholders and, after each visit, helped us to maximize these relationships and seize every opportunity to launch a real intersectoriality.

In addition to his professionalism of the highest level and his undeniable skills that surprised us every time, Didier remains this simple man, modest, respectful of others, friendly and very generous in every sense of the word.

Didier made an unforgettable passage at CAP youth BECHAR in Algeria. He made us feel his commitment and sincerity to this program, to us as a team and to a whole country, to the point that he was able to convince us that the hope of evolving and to grow this project was not really far.

Finally, for me personally and for the entire CAP Jeunesse Béchar team, Didier Galet will remain unforgettable “.

I thank him for his testimony, both touching and modest as his contribution was decisive

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