Access to health and Territory

9 Sep 2017 | News

Through my various commitments, I am regularly confronted with the worrying problem of access to health.

First of all, through the lab lab Brie’Nov, in which a collaboration with Revesdiab and its partners on the promotion and use of digital technology has been initiated in order to better monitor chronic pathologies, but also to work better on issues of prevention, awareness and accountability. In this framework, I pilot the Diabète 2.0 project, which will enable the deployment of local digital mixing and hosting solutions, driven by local resources and offering different dimensions. In this context, it is necessary to create a place for access to workshops, advice, specialized remote consultations, to identify local patients in order to encourage the emergence of a local social network and to work on the issues of prevention.

Then, I am deputy secretary general of Apivia, a health insurance company  belonging to the health cluster of the MACIF group. In this framework, I am particularly interested in innovation and new products, with strong challenges linked to the animation of the network of delegates and to bringing the companyl with the territories closer together (two subjects for which digital can play an important role).

In a particularly difficult context for access to health, the work is considerable with, nevertheless, the intuition that the digital can change the situation, on condition of revolutionizing practices. But is not that the price to pay?

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