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22 Jun 2018 | News

En mode design thinking

Solicitations, interviews and exchanges made in recent weeks confirm the relevance of my intuitions and development perspectives for rural local communities. I participated recently in the coworking mission led by Julien Denormandie, Secretary of State for the Minister of Territorial Cohesion and Patrick Levy Waitz, specialist in work and change management.

The vision of animation and territorial development that I have defended seems, now, meet the tracks that are under study. This is reinforced by my participation, since the beginning of the project, in the work of the Carrefour des innovations sociales, the purpose of which is to identify and share all the social initiatives that work in France.

Above all, by participating in the work of the Rameau at the fourth meeting of the pioneers of Alliances in the territory that brought together the FNCE (National Foundation of Caisses d’Epargne) a hundred “territorial catalysts” and societal investors to share around the challenges of territorial co-construction. Challenges of rural territories, digital transformations, hybridization of socio-economic models and innovative engines of evolution were at the rendez-vous!

Being a co-founder and very active in the living lab Brie’Nov, the only living lab to be interested in rural and landlocked territories, at least in Ile de France, I can experiment actions to strengthen tools and experiment possibilities. Digital technology allows important uses to consolidate the territorial value and attractiveness of rural areas, thereby strengthening the economy and residential services. In fact, I am very active in the “Paris ville résiliente” project, in support of the Association of Rural Mayors of France, participating at the same time in animation and brainstorming contributions. This initiative foreshadows new forms of collaboration between the city and the countryside by laying the foundations for greater equity and exchange.

All this contributes to the recognition of a rather unique expertise, mixing elected and professional expertise.

Do not hesitate to contact me to know more!

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