A General Assembly of rural mayors of Seine et Marne with a singular taste!

5 Dec 2019 | News

On December 3, in the evening, a few hours before a black Thursday announced, I had the pleasure of animating the 11th Assembly of Rural Mayors of Seine et Marne. The main theme of this evening was health, a recurring but important theme for this department ranked 98th in terms of access to health. However, it weighs 50% of the Ile de France, one of the richest regions in Europe and its inhabitants have fewer and fewer doctors available.

Needless to say, the anger is growing and that, despite a better consideration of the expectations of rurality, thanks to the yellow vests, and through the work of reflection orchestrated by the National Association of Rural Mayors of France and the Association National New Ruralities that led to the development of 200 proposals for rurality, the account is not there.
The powerful speeches of the president, François Deysson and Yves Lagües Baguet, vice-president, set the tone for this meeting. Firm and committed …!
The state, represented by the secretary general of the prefecture, has often been singled out, in its errors, its broken promises and to denounce this continuous pressure it imposes on the local authorities.
Frédéric Valletoux, Mayor of Fontainebleau and President of the Federation Hospitalière de France, drew up an inventory that was not encouraging, highlighting interesting initiatives, certainly, but especially the major shortcomings, what the representatives of the ARS Seine and Marne and CPAM have tried, courageously, to temper. Administrative time is decidedly not compatible with the urgency of time and the needs of the inhabitants.
The public, composed of elected officials and partners, very attentive was also participatory. The commitment is in the DNA of the mayor in general and the rural mayor in particular.
The Assembly was warmly thanked by the President for the attention of all the mayors, congratulating those who will stop next March, encouraging those who will represent themselves and, above all, asking not to give up all the stakes. that we will have to continue to defend.

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