A general assembly charged with emotions

6 Dec 2018 | News

I led the 9th General Assembly of the Association of Rural Mayors of Seine et Marne.

This event had a special character for several reasons. Indeed, it was the last of the president in title, founder of the association and who withdraws before the end of its mandate, having decided not to represent to the next municipal deadlines. Then, in the context of the growing revolt of yellow vests, it was also an opportunity for rural elected officials to recall that they have been ringing the alarm bell for several years on the territorial divide and the impoverishment of the rural  territories, that they are the helpless witnesses of growing discontent, which was very well done by the national president, Vanick Barberian. Finally, this GA was resolutely oriented towards the voice of the elected representatives, which made it possible to propose a framework of dynamic animation, privileging the testimonies and a visual staging, reactions and asking the institutional partners to be rather in reaction to the remarks heard than on reading an agreed speech.

In front of a parterre of deputies and senators, more than 120 elected and partners, Jacques Drouhin, very moved, was particularly applauded for his action on the ground, indefatigable promoter of a dynamic rurality which carries true prospects of development. This prospective vision has, moreover, been illustrated by two testimonies, those of the Institute of the commitment and the regional union of the cooperatives of Ile de France which can be also real partners.

In video, the moral report of a relaxed and enthusiastic president … it is now a collector.

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