Industrial Demonstrator for the Sustainable City

he Industrial Demonstrator for the Sustainable City (DIVD) is a call for a national project launched by the ministries of territorial cohesion and the environment. I answered to it, in partnership with the Arene Agency, which relied on the train station of Avon – Fontainebleau, within the framework of the delegation entrusted to Nomade Office by the SNCF (National Railways company). Our response allowed us to project the station and its new uses, notably its role of urban centrality and restoring a strong place to the users, while proposing a duplicable approach and a method. I thus co-realized the strategic diagnosis, the drafting and the defense of the project in partnership with the Arene Ile de France. This project is part of the reflection on the connected places and their uses, carried by Brie’Nov and is thus called the Relais des Possibles Avon-Fontainebleau.

years of production : Since 2016
Localisation : Pays de Fontainebleau aera
Website : DIVD
Keywords : Relais des Possibles, experimentation, innovation, SNCF, Pays de Fontainebleau, railway station

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