Cathy Veil, a real partner !

I had the opportunity to collaborate several times with Cathy, especially when she was deputy mayor of Mouroux. Since then, we have joined forces with Brie’Nov, where she has succeeded me as President.

“Didier, from the beginning of our collaboration, has deployed innovative and efficient working methods. Project management, including the human dimension, is effective and caring. To succeed together is, I think, the essential objective of his actions and motivations. This is essential to me in building a lasting and trusting relationship. Many projects and calls for projects have been won together and I am sure others will come. The multiplicity of the parties involved in the project and the complexity that this entails is a dimension that Didier knows how to perfectly manage and enhance by overcoming the obstacles that some may have at the beginning of the project.

It is a force that has its origins in its professional career. ”

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