A major step forward

18 Dec 2018 | Non classé

The upheavals that have shaken France in recent weeks have also underlined the need to rest a development model, some of whose drifts are confined to absurdity. Indeed, how to imagine continue these commuter migrations greater than, even if only one hour of travel per day, even though the work can be done differently, especially if it is a question of getting behind a computer. Some elected officials begin to score a strong position. There is Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, through her project Paris Resilient city, but also Carole Delga, the president of the Occitan region. These courageous positions, because they are engaged, can change the course of things. But is not this the role of politics?

Selected excerpt from the partnership of Relais d’Entreprises – EDF – Occitanie region

“The Regional Agency Energy Climate Occitanie (AREC), created to accelerate the energy transition in Occitania, including through the implementation of the scenario REPOS (Positive Energy Region), wished to provide financial support to this device that promotes the reduction greenhouse gas emissions by reducing transport times.
These three partners have decided to include their approach in the framework of an agreement allowing the promotion and the realization of specific operations of Mastery of the Energy Demand (“MDE”) within the framework of the national system of the Certificates of Energy Savings (CEE). They commit themselves to value 1 million kms not covered in Occitania by telecommuters using telecenters.
“Saving energy means creating innovative devices but also a collective awareness. The development of telecenters  meets both these issues. It is to meet this environmental challenge, but also mobility and economic attractiveness and regional planning, that the Occitan Region is committed today through this partnership. It is also in this spirit that the Region has launched a call for projects entitled “labeling telecenters Occitanie”, which promotes the development of innovative workspaces in Occitanie.

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